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  1. Quick Double borders action


    To add a quick double border action around your images, follow the following instruction:

    Load your image into Photoshop.

    Go to the "Actions tab"

    Click on the little down arrow where indicated:

    Click ...
  2. Correcting Verticals Within An Image

    Thought I would put this wee video together for you on how to correct certain verticals within an image, it could be a tower like in the video, building, tree etc.
    For me, it's easier than skewing the whole image as that can add a whole load of problems when trying to mask areas back in.

    If you have any questions or advice then post below

    Photoshop Tuition
  3. Upload images to your gallery

    This is a nice and easy way for you to get your images on to Canon Fodder by using our gallery.

    To begin, click on the bar at the top of the forum labelled "Gallery".

    Now click where it says "Upload Photos"

  4. Adding a Signature with a brush in Photoshop



    This will work with PS, though for versions prior to PS7 the maximum size will be 700 pixels. Newer versions will go up to 2500 pixels.

    First, create a new document and set the size to
    2500x400 pixels (taller if you want to add a higher graphic element) and set the background to Transparent.

  5. My Landscape Kit

    Just in case any of you are thinking on taking a few landscape shots, thought I would show you what sort of kit I will head out with.

    1. Hotshoe Bubble Level. Note I use it in the upright position, this saves me moving it when I decide to shoot in portrait.
    2. Wide-angled Lens. I use the Sigma 10-20mm as I like to get down quite low so the foreground is the prominent element of the shot.
    3. Filter Holder and adapter ring. Here I use the Cokin P-Series, the front filter

    Updated 21-02-11 at 22:50 by Alex

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