• 12's Instructions 2017

    At the Beginning of each month a theme will be posted in this thread. During the month everyone taking part posts up to 4 photo's of their interpretation of the theme in their own special 12's thread. There is no competition element to this, you simply shoot for your own enjoyment, progression and sense of achievement.

    1) Wait for the theme to be announced. I'll update the list below as soon as each Month has been drawn.

    2) Think about the theme and how you want to interpret it.

    3) Take your Photo's.

    4) Create your own individual thread for your 12 in this Forum with "username and 12 and year" (i.e. Pete W's 12 - 2017).

    5) Post the photo's in your thread, update the title of your post with the month and Theme and share your thinking behind the shots - plus if you feel like it, share any learning gained.

    6) Take a look at some of the other 12s and post a few comments to encourage your fellow 12ers.

    7) Wait for the next theme to be announced.

    8) Repeat steps 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 until the end of the year.

    OK so let's get the ball Rolling

    Jan - Transport
    Feb - Circular
    Mar - Water
    Apr - Spirals
    May - Blue
    Jun - Shadows
    Jul -
    Sep -
    Oct -
    Nov -
    Dec -

    January - Blue
    February - Round
    March - BOKEH
    April - Red
    May - Pairs
    June - Macro
    July - Yellow
    August - Street Photography
    September - Life
    October - Autumnal
    November - Sparkle
    December - Festive
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